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For months, Ashley Hebert has been navigating the bumpy road towards matrimony. We've watched our bubbly Bachelorette laugh, cry, and thanks to Bentley, cry some more. But through all the helicopter rides and Thai boxing knock downs, one thing has stayed the same: Ashley's rockin' bod. Unlike last season's Bachelorette, Ally, who with every passing week seemed to pack on more poundage (as well as more clothing to cover up said pudge), Ashley had no trouble flaunting her tight tummy and toned legs through her revealing, though sometimes questionable, wardrobe choices. So, in honor of Ashley's abs, take a look at her top ten looks of the season.

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Bra top and leggings

6Active wear

To prepare her boys for a Muay Thai battle, Ashley bludgeoned the bachelors with a belly baring bra top and barely there black leggings. No wonder Ames ended up with a concussion – how could he concentrate?

White pants

7White pants

Fast forwarding a few dates to when an overly excited Ryan (finally!) got his much anticipated one-on-one (only to get kicked to the curb), Ashley showed up wearing white pants that were so hideous, half of her blue top couldn't take it and left. Who wants to see a lower back? Stick to what you're good at – belly baring.

Working Girl blazer

8Business jacket

Ashley's MO in those far away lands was to unabashedly flaunt her figure, so what happened when she turned stateside for hometown dates? We're still trying to figure out why Ashley chose to wear this oversized Working Girl blazer on her hometown date with Constantine. She was all business.

Tye dye skirt

9Tie dye skirt

After fleeing to Fiji with her remaining wooers, Ashley wasted no time showing off her stems in this super cute tie dye skirt. The wife beater was a tad iffy, but at least she had the fashion sense to tuck it in. Nothing but class, folks.

Finale gown

10Finale gown

And now, the end is almost here. Before Ashley can choose between JP and Ben, she had to pick a gown to do it in. She went with another Randi Rahm number. It's breezy, soft and breathtaking – perfect for a tropical proposal, right? So why is Ashley frowning? Oh yeah – it doesn't show her stomach.

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KayCee August 03, 2011 | 8:20 PM

Where are the comments about the skinny jeans? She wore them, wore them, and wore them again! Her legs looked very strange in them...almost distorted. How could they let her wear those?

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