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Beach weather is right around the corner. When you head to the beach or pool, you need more than just a swimsuit and a towel; you need accessories as well. Beach accessories should be functional and chic as well. Here are four essential beach accessories that every woman needs.

Swimsuit accessoryStraw Studios Riley toteStraw tote bag

Straw totes are a hot choice for spring and summertime. At the beach, they can hold all your essentials and withstand the elements. Looking for room straw bags with nautical designs. A straw bag can take you from the beach to a summer date without missing a beat.

Our bargain beach pick:

Straw Studios Riley tote in fabulous colors like fuchsia, $39 at

Aviator sunglasses are a great accessory for the beach

Swimsuit accessoryAviator sunglasses

Recently designer Michael Kors was asked about his 30 favorite things. His favorite accessory? Aviator sunglasses, and they should be your choice too. Aviators manage to be classic and trendy at the same time. This season metal framed aviators are hot with lenses in shades of red and purple.

Our bargain beach pick:

Aqua "Gramercy" Metal Aviator Sunglasses, $58 at Bloomingdale's.

Try an oversized hat at the beach

Swimsuit accessoryOversized beach hat

Before you head out for fun in the sun, put on a wide-brimmed hat to protect your face and scalp from the sun's harmful rays. An oversized floppy beach hat has an aura of glamour about it that you'll love. Beach hats can be made of straw, or cool cotton. White hats are going to be very trendy on the sand this summer. A hat can't protect your whole body, of course, so be sure to bring the sunscreen.

Our bargain beach pick:

Straw Floppy Hat, $38 at The Company Store.

Floral swimsuit coverups are perfect for the beach

Swimsuit accessoryFloral cover-up

Cover your swimsuit when you get out of the water with a floral print cover-ups that can double as a sundress. You'll be able to go from the sand to seaside party without having to change. Add a pair of flat thong sandals embellished with stones or colorful jewels.

Our bargain beach pick:

One World Floral Cover-Up Dress, $23 at Kohl's.


Swimsuit accessory: the perfect bikini fitSwimsuit accessoryPerfect swimsuit fit

"For many women, swimsuit shopping can feel very defeating. Oftentimes women grab the first thing they see, or stick with the same old style year after year," says Susan Nethero, 'The Bra Expert' and founder of Intimacy.

Part of the reason it's often so diffucult to find the right swimsuit is because swimsuits come in XS, S, M, L, XL instead of our specific bra sizes. Thank goodness something was finally done about this! The gals at Intimacy Bra Fit Stylists have come up woman-friendly way of fitting so that you can identify what styles look (and fit!) best on your body type. "We look for additional features like slimming silhouettes with adjustable leg lines and tummy control to help women feel extra confident," says Nethero.

The average cost for a custom-fitted piece is under $150 -- just think of these swimsuits as investments in a good quality summer staple. And best of all, alterations are free!

Our bargain beach pick:

Calypso halter and bottom, $117 at Intimacy.

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