We're Flipping For Flip Flops

Every winter I schlep around in boots working my way through the slush, but the second those first rays of sunshine start popping out I'm pulling out the sandals and flip-flops. In a world of uncomfortably tight jeans, wired bras and painful beauty procedures, who would have thought that something so casual and inexpensive would become so trendy. Here's the fashion update on the flip flop trend.

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Designer styles

Twisting and turning, flipping and flopping

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The new twists this year are bold and hot. For the hottest formal style, check out gorgeous styles by Jamie Kreitman. Jeweled, chic and summery, her sandals can easily be paired with your dress at the trendiest of lounges.

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Stacie Bass is another line of fancy flops. Her designs feature all kinds of embellishments and charms and come in an array of bold colors for summer style. She was featured in InStyle Magazine and many celebs have adorned their feet with her creations.

summer fashion, summer trends, summer beauty

Many of your favorite fashion designers probably have their own lines contributing the the flip flop fashion market. Tory Burch is one example of taking flop flops to a new level. Gucci also a great line of flops that will take your summer wardrobe from casual to fabulous!

Fun fact: Though we call them flip flop in the USA, these shoes go by different names in other countries. Schlapfen (Austria), beach sandals (Japan), slippers (Hawaii), jandals (New Zealand), tsinelas (Phillippines), and slops (South Africa).

Remember, if you don't want to splurge on these high end designs don't forget to check out sites like Ebay and Amazon for people who are selling their old styles off. One person's loss can be your jackpot! Or...

DIY! You can do it totally on your own too. Just hit the local craft store and pick up some goodies so you can express your individuality.Think of everything from stencils and glitter to wacky stones and those weird colored puff-ball things. It's a unique fashion statement and a party idea, as well.

Flip flop finishes

Luxury leather

Sperry Top spider, summer fashion, flip flop fashion

The Classic Saybrook Sandal by Sperry Top-Sider is comfortable and easy-to-wear. The leather is water resistant and durable, making them a great pair of long lasting sandals. The outsole is made of a special material for wet/dry traction and the footbed is a foam cushion for maximum comfort. This is easily a candidate for the utlimate summertime shoe. Bonus: They are super casual, but stylish enough that they fit with daywear.

Smooth as suede

Birkenstocks, summer fashion, flip flop fashionSpeaking of comfortable, Birkenstock has a line (called "gizeh") with many new styles. Yes, that means something above and beyond the blah brown shoe that goes with the whole hippie era. There are many other colors available -- including pink, green and blue -- along with the usual earthy shades. The shoes are made of traditional leather. You can also get them in what they call Birko-Flor, a soft fabric with a smooth leather-like finish. (See the Pink Wash Birko-Flor and Antique Mango Leather flavors below.) Peace out, man!

Hemp fiberflip slop fashion, rainbows, summer fashion

Many consider these as their go-to sandal because of their long life and durability. Rainbows, also high popular for their premiere leather flip flop, make a collection of their shoes in 100% natural hemp fiber. They are so confident in their shoes, they garuntee the life of sole. Their comfort is undeniable as the shoe shapes to your foot's every need.

Get back to our hot weather guide - click here!Good to go - and to stay

Now you know your options, put the spring back in your step and strap on some sassy flip flops of your very own! You may discover they don't leave your feet until autumn... if even then.

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flip flops are y, beautiful,timeless. Everybody should use them all year !!

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I love flipflops, but for the everyday style I really prefer the jewelled ones, as the SHLEIGHT ones...amazing!

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