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Beauty sleep is underrated. At night, our skin and body repairs itself -- making sleep one of the most important factors in feeling and looking beautiful. To enhance this crucial part of your beauty regimen, try some of these time-saving treatments while you sleep. You'll wake up looking gorgeous and refreshed.

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7Use a thick moisturizer.

Finish with an ultra-hydrating, thick cream made for sensitive skin -- it will not interfere with any of your "action" products. Also, a facial oil can soothe and nourish your skin.

8Condition your lashes with petroleum jelly.

Dry lashes can become brittle and fall out. so condition them overnight.

9Take extra care of the skin around your eyes.

Find an eye cream that is both firming and anti-wrinkling, and apply generously before you go to sleep.

10Moisturize your feet.

Envelop your feet in a thick ointment cream like Aquafor or petroleum jelly, and put socks on to seal in the moisture. You can also apply to your hands and wear gloves to sleep. You might feel silly, but you will wake up with soft, beautiful hands!

11Double treat your lips.

First apply a medicated lip balm, then follow with a moisturizing lip balm. The first layer treats dry lips, while the second seals in moisture and add comfort to your lips.

12Whiten your teeth.

Some teeth-whitening products can be applied before bed, whether they are trays, paint-on formulas or teeth wraps. Now you can wake up with a dazzling smile!

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Erica May 23, 2012 | 10:16 AM

To wake up with a gorgeous feeling mind I always say a couple of my favorite affirmations before falling asleep at night. Simple things like, "I am so grateful for my life" or "tomorrow is going to be a fantastic day" help me wake up with a positive attitude.

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