Better With Age

We all want to discover that mythical fountain of youth, and some celebrities seem to have done just that. Liz Olivier, a renowned makeup and hair artist, lists her favorite stars who defy the clock -- and the standard concept of aging.

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4Catherine Zeta JonesCatherine Zeta Jones

From Zorro to cosmetic campaigns, her skin has aged beautifully, always looking fresh and plump. To maintain this kind of glow, start with the basics: Stay out of the sun, don't smoke, and eat a balanced diet. A SPF daily moisturizer is important, too: Almost 80 percent of the signs of skin aging is due to sun exposure.

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Comments on "10 Celebrities who have aged well"

Nancy April 25, 2012 | 2:28 PM

Another Dracula's Daughter............ until about a year ago, this woman looked really good, but then she started spiraling down into the abyss.......... Now she just looks like a desolate junkie.. (not saying she IS, but that is what she looks like.)

Nancy April 25, 2012 | 2:25 PM

Jolie ages like Dracula... burrrr....... she LOOKS like she lives on only human blood. If that is aging gracefully, I will order up plain vanilla.... she is truly gross!

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