The Quest For Perfect Skin

As the seasons change, it seems that our skin goes through a bit of an identity crisis; it's dry one day and breaking out the next. In an effort to find some sort of balance, many women go through beauty products like crazy, wasting time and money along the way. Here are 12 must-have skin products that are essential for happy, healthy skin.

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10Get Whipped! Organic Shea Body ButterWhipped buttery goodness

Woodsprite Organic Body Get Whipped! Organic Shea Body Butter ($19) is a handmade body butter and perhaps the most seductive moisturizer you will ever use. The Ginger Glow version is intoxicating and the whipped butter itself is...well, like butter. It literally melts in your hand before you apply and then disappears into your skin, but not before leaving it super soft and utterly delectable.

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