Must-Have Hair Care

From styling cream and sunscreen to fedoras and headbands, here are 20 products and accessories that will keep your hair looking healthy and fashionable in warm weather.

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6 Living Proof No Frizz Restyling Spray ($24) works on wet or dry hair, so you can style away without even using your blowdryer -- perfect for if you want a frizz-free natural wave. Kiss my face
7 Put a wide-toothed comb like this one from Sephora ($4) in your beach bag to detangle wet hair gently.
8 Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment will have your hair feeling soft and will transform your dry scalp -- plus, it smells divine.
9 The Original Moroccanoil ($39) is a versatile product great for all hair types. The oil can be applied to dry or wet hair, before or after coloring and styling to give your hair a healthy shine. If that isn't great enough, the oil cuts drying time by 30 percent.
10 Matte isn't just in when we're talking about makeup and nail polish; matte hair is in, too! To get the ideal matte hair finish, add Jonathon Dirt Texturizing Paste ($14) to dry hair to finish your look with just the right amount of edge.

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