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Making the most of your features with makeup is easy. But what if you have a feature you feel is too bold? Here are a few makeup tricks to help you downplay features that aren't your favorites, like a prominent chin, thin lips or droopy eyes.

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Demi MoorePlump up thin lips

It seems like every actress I work with feels her lips aren't full enough. Rather than argue, I use this little technique to give any lip line a crisp, fuller look.

Step 1: Lip balm

Start off with a touch of lip balm -- nothing greasy, just a waxy balm that will fill in crevices and have staying power.

Step 2: Concealer

Dab concealer along the lip line and feather up and out. See how much more prominent your lips appear already?

Step 3: Lip liner

Now we're going to amp up the shape by lining along the lip line, or just slightly outside it, with a fleshy pink lip pencil. Don't be greedy; a little goes a long way. It's a fine line -- don't cross it (though tempting). Once you have the shape, fill in the entire lip. The pencil has more staying power because it's waxier than lipsticks and gloss.

Step 4: Shine it up!

Choose a shiny lipstick or, even better, a gloss. You want a shade that's neither too light nor too dark. I like to fill in the entire lip using a gloss with shimmer (which gives the most light-catching bang for your buck). Shiny, crisp lips always have a fuller appearance!

Product recommendations: I heart Rimmel's Tiramisu lip pencil for a good, fleshy base and Dior's Addict Ultra Gloss in Apricot Cloche for a medium-toned gloss.

This is a great tip for someone like Demi Moore.

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