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Stay cool and stylish by topping off your average summer tank top with these zippy, fun accessories and fashion staples. Don't worry -- there's no need to splurge or allot extra time for putting your outfit together in the morning. Dressing up your tank top is easy with these 10 wardrobe additions.

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black jacket and high waisted short to dress up a tank top


A cropped jacket or blazer that allows your tank to peek out of the bottom will give you a more polished appearance. You might even get away with it at the office. You can keep it simple by opting for a black or white jacket or spice it up a bit for summer style with a bright colored cover-up or jacket that rocks a bold embellishment.

High-waisted Shorts

High-waisted shorts will give your tank glamour and lengthen your legs. Pair them with a pair of killer heels or strappy sandals. Above, Chloe Sevigney shows off a sophistcated look by pairing her shorts with a matching blazer -- you can easily achieve a stylish look by wearing a chic pair of high-wasited jean shorts as well.

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This helps a little, but isnt it suppost to be "10" ways to dress up a tank top... not 3...

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