Thou Shalt Blend

Don't scoff -- you know you've been guilty of at least one of these cardinal sins of cosmetology. There are some things you simply don't do, and if your mama never told you, prepare to be educated. Ranging from unbelievable to the unforgivable, these mistakes will send you on a one-way flight to the Purgatory of Personal Paint. Pens out, please. You will be quizzed later, and you won't be able to plead out.

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5. The Half-Class5. The Half-Class

You'd think this would be an easy one, but even celebrities are guilty of sporting an unfinished feature. If you're going to spend two hours piling on everything else, what's another 30 seconds to finish your face?

Prime examples are Pamela Anderson sporting Cleopatra eyes... and nothing else. Or Kim Mathers sporting lip liner... and nothing else. "I put something on... therefore I'm finished." Yeah, actually, they are finished.

The redemption

Ladies, finish the job - preferably with the right color, but do your best to have a complete face. Leaving it half done makes you look tacky and lazy. Not at all classy. Cindy Crawford once said a complete face should take less than 10 minutes. You can fit everything into that time frame without looking half-done or, God forbid, overdone. If you're going for minimalist approaches, throw on some mascara and tinted lip gloss. There. You're done.

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Comments on "The 7 deadly sins of makeup"

Linda Finke May 20, 2010 | 10:43 AM

I'm 62 and I defintly seen them all. Believe it or not--I have not done any of them myself. I have been a Mary Kay consultant for 18 years. The thing that bugs me the most is not putting on lipstick or using the wrong color. People will tell me that they can't wear red lipsitck when in fact they have a red jacket on. I teach them--you can wear red lip stick--you just need to know that there are orange reds, blue reds, and clear reds. Most of the time--after I have the lipstick on them--they get it. I tell them that their face is like a canvas. Once you put something on, you are commited to finishing the portrait. That means foundation, blush, eyes and lips.=!

pamela May 20, 2010 | 10:21 AM

wow she looks scary!!!

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