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Prom is a big night, both for the teens on the dance floor and their parents who send them off in sparkly dresses and rented tuxedos. There are plenty of details that go into making this a successful and memorable evening. The dress, hair and flowers usually take center stage but shoes and accessories are a big part of the overall look. Here is some hot prom bling on a budget.

We all want to save money these days, so when you're shopping for prom shoes and accessories, keep these budget-friendly options in mind. They're totally cute! And know one will ever guess you got this bling for cheap.


You may not wear your sapphire blue, one-shoulder mermaid dress again, but your shoes can become a part of your closet staples. Opt for a neutral color in a current style that will complement your wardrobe, as well as your dress (yes, metallic can be neutral). Alternatively, if your dress is a solid color, pick a patterned shoe that you really love and can work with your favorite skirt.

Try: Crackled Metallic Heels from Forever 21 ($19.80)

Crackled Metallic Heels from Forever 21

Try: Madden Girl by Steve Madden Women's Flower Accent Floral Pumps ($49)

Madden Girl by Steve Madden Women's Flower Accent Floral Pumps

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