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Clothes are more than just pieces of fabric. They are a way of expressing our personality and our feelings. Don't fall prey to dressing for an unflattering trend - dress for your shape...

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Strawberry shape

If you have a strawberry-shaped figure, you probably have a wide back and wide shoulders. It is very important that you dress properly if you're a strawberry shape. Some clothes can make you look more masculine from the back - unless, of course, you want to look masculine from the back.


The main hot point of the strawberry figure is the full cleavage, which you can show off with V-Necks or wide scooped necklines. V-necks show off cleavage and soften shoulders, balancing out your whole torso.


Strawberry-shaped gals usually have slim legs, so you can show them off with fitted skirts or straight-leg jeans. Ideally you should team skirts and jeans with heels to lengthen your legs.


As a strawberry shape, you probably gain most weight around your tummy, which means you probably do not have much of a waist. Try wraparound dresses and thick waist belts to accentuate your waist and give yourself more of an hourglass shape.


Avoid polo necks and wool sweaters -- they can make you look top heavy and add bulk where you do not want it.

You might also consider a new bra. A properly fitted bra can dramatically change the way clothes look on you. If you're not comfortable with having bigger cleavage, try a minimizer bra to make your chest appear smaller.

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