Flawless 1st Impressions

These five style bloggers are no strangers to picking out the perfect outfit; they've all documented their inspiring ensembles on their respective blogs and won a loyal following of fans in the process. Now they're helping us tackle one of life's great dilemmas: what to wear on a first date!

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…love Maegan

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Website: http://www.lovemaegan.com

What she's wearing:

Dress: Ali Ro (Gilt.com – see invite on her blog)

Shoes: Calvin Klein (Bloomingdales)

Earrings: Vintage (stolen from her mom)

Bag: Deux Lux (Urban Outfitters)

Why it's her perfect first date outfit:

"There's one thing I know about first dates and that is that they are awkward and uncomfortable so I think it's best to wear something that is the exact opposite of that. You don't want to be yanking a strapless top up or adjusting a belt or making sure a skirt is in place. You want to be able to focus your attention on your date and not yourself. Speaking of your date, most boys/men aren't necessarily into fashion. They like it clean and simple and pretty and sexy. I think this is the perfect first date outfit because while the dress is sexy it doesn't scream "I'm open for business!" ...if ya know what I mean. If you're going to show some leg, keep the cleavage at bay -and vice versa. You don't want to give away the farm, so to speak, all on the first date. You want him to want more ...if you like him that is."

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