Now that you've got your spring wardrobe updated what about accessories? Adorn yourself in the newest, hottest and latest with some of these must-have spring 2009 accessories.

Bold accessories

This season's not for the faint of heart; and with that we mean it's all about the big and bold. This Erickson Beamon cuff for Target is a perfect way to show off a little bling. Wear any bold accessory with something a bit less busy so your baubles are still the center of attention.

Hardware shoes

Whether it's studs, zippers or other embellishments, shoes with plenty of hardware were all over the spring runways. There's just something super sexy about a shoe with hardware that gives it that extra bit of edge.

Big headbands

Channel your inner Blair Waldorf à la Gossip Girl with an oversize floral headband. It's fresh fun and undoubtedly girly. And yes, we absolutely heart them. Try something flirty like this hot pink version from Forever 21.

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Comments on "Spring 2009's hottest accessories"

FOSNEY May 28, 2009 | 5:23 AM


Ella March 31, 2009 | 9:10 AM

LOVE that cuff - I saw those at Target the other day... there's some really cute stuff there now!

LaurenS1 March 23, 2009 | 2:18 PM

YES! I love these pieces of jewelry! I am always looking for the jewelry trends of the season, but that can also be a bit overwhelming considering the amount of fashion content and news out there. That is why I go to JIC for current trend ideas. JIC (Jewelry Information Center) is a nonprofit organization that was created to benefit and help the consumer, so they're not biased in any particular direction - it's purely to inform the consumer... which is literally EXACTLY what I look for in a lot of sites (and that's hard to find in the fashion world!). Not only does JIC have trend ideas, but they have everything from engagement ring tips to gift ideas to jewelry cleaning pointers. I love the part in the website where people get to submit their personal jewelry stories; I read these stories and I am so inspired every time! I even added my own a little while back (check it out! it's a good one!) I'd have to say though, at the moment, the icing on the cake has to be that everyone who submits a story, gets automatically entered into a JIC sweepstakes to win a beautiful diamond necklace! It's worth seeing if you get lucky! I certainly have my fingers crossed!

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