Cheap Makeup Storage

It's hard to not spontaneously drool imagining the what-could-be's when you see a huge, gorgeous makeup train case. But with those bad boys typically running upwards of $100 a pop and the economy grinding in the gutter, it's high time to look into more economic ways to organize your makeup.

Anything marketed as makeup storage, whether it's a train case, soft case, bin or cup, is almost always severely marked up in price. The trick is to find comparable products that aren't targeted to the beauty sector. Here are some recession-worthy ideas.



Fabric bins

Furniture giant Ikea's set of six fabric boxes is only $9.99. The set includes boxes of different sizes, so you can nest them within each other to create the setup you desire. These are an extra convenient option as they're machine washable and can be folded flat when not in use.




Kitchen and candles

Tumblers are a great size for storing either brushes or products. And depending on the style, it doesn't necessarily look like it's only for cocktails. For miniature brushes or products try votive holders for storage. This chic mosaic votive holder from Yankee Candle is on sale for $2.50.




Art supplies

Albeit slightly less glam, artist supply cases are often very similar in size and layout and are priced much less. This expandable tool bag from Mister Art is only $21.59 and has multiple holders for brushes and compartments for products to keep you super organized. And why shell out more than you have to on a makeup case when you can get a comparable and durable black utility case from Mister Art for $8.89.




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Comments on "3 Cheap ways to organize your makeup"

Star* www(dot)stargazerschat(dot)com January 11, 2009 | 8:40 AM

continued- If u want a pictured directions just e-mail me and let me know!

Star* www(dot)stargazerschat(dot)com January 11, 2009 | 8:39 AM

I totally agree with the box idea. I am very bug into sewing and scrap booking as a hobby and have been working as a floral designer/wedding planner for 11 years. I love to find things old or new and make them gorgeous. While I was at the store one day, I saw this 4 box set just like the ones you see above. They were all fitted into the largest box. The blue one (the smallest) was inside of the yellow one. Then the purple one fit into the pink box. I used a darker/lighter shade of ribbon for contrast. (example for the pink box I used a pastel/powder puff pink and made the bow out of three shades of pink) Then I wrapped the ribbon on the box itself and the top separately. That way when the lid is on the ribbon is lined up and it looks like a wrapped gift when it's actually a removable top. So it's usable, pretty, personalized to your style, and the lid can come off, and go back on. Then I placed a handmade bows (made of 3 shades of the color of the box) on each of the box tops, with some ribbon and decorations. Next I bought various items from the scrapbook store where I found the boxes. Seamed/stitched 3D flowers stickers, 3D lollipop stickers & other candies. As well as 3d makeup stickers. I also bought 4 rolls of wrapping paper,(making sure each roll was color coordinated with a box, and then lined the whole inside of the box and lid. They looked amazing after they were completed. I then bought crosswords like 3D stickers and named the boxes (Makeup, Hair Ties, Jewelry, and bobby pins and barrettes. This idea also works great for gifts. Just add some tissue paper and a card n you got a gift box for any occasion! If you want my pictured

Sandra (Sandy) Drury December 16, 2008 | 1:02 AM

I love the fabric bins for holding my make-up in. How do I order?

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