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A trip to the cosmetics counter says it all: Skin care is an ever-changing business. Last year's big news is this year's snooze as fresh products hit the shelves, promising to tone, tighten, and smooth better than anything that's come before. Here, the pros address your biggest aging concerns, tell us what's hot and what's not, and offer a glimpse of what the future might bring.

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Old Think: Prescription drugs Retin-A and Accutane were the early heroes in serious acne care. But at-home products were designed for teenage skin — too harsh and drying for adults.


New Think: At home: Salicylic acid is still the best, says Brandt. But add retinol and you're getting some antiaging help too. There are also treatments targeted for adult skin, with moisturizers and natural anti-inflammatories. Try Murad Moisturizing Acne Treatment Gel, $43, with salicylic acid, retinol, and chamomile extract.


At the Doctor's Office: Isolaz combines a suction-like device to deep clean pores and an intense pulsed light laser to kill acne-causing bacteria. Atralin Gel, a new topical retinol, is less irritating thanks to the addition of moisturizers and humectants. And Solodyn Extended Release Tablets, a new oral medication, has none of the nauseating side effects of previously used antibiotics


Future Think: Brandt speculates that we'll see new antibacterial lasers and continue to see less irritating forms of topical retinoic acids.


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