10 Trends You’Ll
Regret In 20 Years

Certain trends are so exaggerated and ubiquitous that they define our time. And for every huge trend, there is unavoidable backlash. No matter how cool we think we look today, it's inevitable that in twenty years what we're wearing now will be dated.
Blame Hollywood for many of these so-called fashions. Celebrities have somehow managed to convince us that the crap they wear is "in" -- no matter how ugly it may be. 

If you've ever wondered what might be our generation's future style regrets, here are ten that come to mind.

1. Over-tanning

We're more obsessed than ever about getting the perfect tan. We go to great lengths to achieve the right tone, sacrificing our money (fake tanning isn't cheap) or our health (skin cancer is as big an epidemic as ever). Look around and you'll find every second person you see is an alarming shade of orange... and that percentage is higher if you're in Southern California.

Two of the more egregious "fake-n-bake" offenders are Lindsay Lohan and Christina Aguilera:

Lindsay Lohan/Christina Aguliera - self-tanner abusers

Left:  Actress Lindsay Lohan / Right: Singer Christina Aguilera

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Comments on "10 fashion trends you’ll regret in 20 years"

Amy May 10, 2013 | 1:54 PM

Low-rise jeans look amazing on fit women. Nothing wrong with them, the only thing wrong is when overweight girls try to pull them off. This article comes across as catty. A pair of low-rise jeans, paired with heels and a fitted top, showing off a little tummy, will ALWAYS look y and great for a cocktail bar / club situation.

nonononononononononooo August 03, 2012 | 2:40 PM

Low rise jeans need to go now! Yes, I want a pair of jeans that don't rise up to my chest, but I NEED a pair of jeans I can sit in and not have my butt fall out.

Ray June 05, 2010 | 10:59 AM

Nothing wrong with low-rise jeans. What's wrong with you people? Can I feel for a pulse?

georgia April 25, 2009 | 4:55 AM

Omg,yeah right uggs are amazing, i'd by every single one if all the coulers if i could . Leg warmers,I bought some but i never wore them,i'll regret them for sure,and crocs are ok !.

Jenn February 25, 2009 | 10:54 AM

i don't think hair extensions is a trend... all girls love long hair and its so fun for it to be temporary. Obviously a guy made this list... i think the mustaches are much tackier

Odessa February 10, 2009 | 10:38 AM

Agreed with Fayers, I don't agree that they use sheepskin, seriously, find a way to make them without the killing of animals for them! Knock offs can sometimes but cuter too :]

gem December 26, 2008 | 7:28 AM

uggs will look a bit wierd In 20 years,sure.but for now I'm sure we're all rather content with our cosy uggs when it's cold out.right?

Abby Jean May 14, 2008 | 9:12 PM

No offense to people that wear them but, leg warmers are sooooo ugly

Fayers April 28, 2008 | 12:51 PM

I don't like Uggs for the fact that they're made from sheepskin, but I like the fake knock-offs. lol

ShaunaMarie April 22, 2008 | 1:42 PM

I will never, ever in my life own a pair of crocs. They are hidious!!

Abby April 16, 2008 | 4:06 PM

What's wrong with hoodies? They'll NEVER go out of style. I would live in them if I could.

Abby April 16, 2008 | 4:04 PM

Ok - Uggs just arne't a "designer" name - they're super comfortable and PRACTICAL. Honestly, more than an ordinary boot. I lived in them last winter in Ohio.

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