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Want professional-looking nails without spending a half day's pay in the salon? With some practice and a little patience, you can enjoy a fancy French manicure any time you want for only the cost of your nail polish!

8 Step do-it-yourself French manicure |

The perfect manicure

A pale pink base and bright white tips have come to characterize the ever-so-popular French manicure, which, believe it or not, is a common request at nail salons everywhere. Even in France, where it's considered an American invention, this kind of mani is called "la French." Too funny, huh?

Professional nail stylists may paint your fingers alone or perhaps apply fake tips or gel nails if that's more your thing. Based on your personal preferences, a nail designer will also give your nails a strengthening and conditioning workout prior to painting them.

Now (luckily) with all the new nail advances, it's easy to score a salon-worthy mani right in the comfort of your own home. Pick up a French manicure kit at your local beauty supply store (for longer lasting color, try a gel nail one), or invest in some sheer pink and white polish to easily do it yourself. Today, we'll be using Red Carpet Manicure's Gel Polish Pro Kit and French Manicure Kit, both available at, to get the look. But don't worry, we've provided simple steps for everyone to follow, no matter which style you're planning on rocking.


Step 1

8 Step do-it-yourself French manicure: Step 1

Start by trimming your nails to the desired length. Make sure all of them are even. And remember: When it comes to the French manicure, the longer they are, the better.


Step 2

8 Step do-it-yourself French manicure: Step 2

Figure out the type of shape you’d like (either rounded or square). Then grab a nail file and get to work.


Step 3

8 Step do-it-yourself French manicure: Step 3

If you really want to recreate the spa experience at home, dip your hands in a bowl of warm water and let them soak for a minute or two. Then take a cuticle pusher (or orangewood stick) and gently push your cuticles back. Use the opposite end of the cuticle pusher to remove any dirt and grime from underneath your nails.


Step 4

8 Step do-it-yourself French manicure: Step 4

Now, before you apply your first coat of polish, buff the top of your nails to prepare them for it. If you’re doing Red Carpet Manicure gel nails (like me), at this point you’ll want to cleanse your nails with the Purify Pre & Post Application Cleanser. Next, take the Prep Max Adhesion Sanitizer, and lightly paint a thin layer onto each nail. For those of you doing just a regular polish, simply massage cuticle oil onto your nails at this time.


Step 5

8 Step do-it-yourself French manicure: Step 5

You’re all ready for your base coat now. Paint on a thin layer of sheer pink polish, and let your nails dry for a couple of minutes. For gels nails, cure them under the LED light for 45 seconds only, no longer. Repeat this step again with a second coat of polish, and allow your nails to dry (or cure) before moving on.


Step 6

8 Step do-it-yourself French manicure: Step 6

Once they’re all dry, place the nail guides on them to snag the perfect white tip pain-free. Don’t have any? That’s alright. The next step will just require some concentration on your part.


Step 7

8 Step do-it-yourself French manicure: Step 7

With your white polish, lightly brush color onto the tip of your nails (as if you were creating an upside down smiley or a sad face). Let the polish dry for a few minutes. For gel nails, let it cure for 45 seconds. Repeat this step with a second coat, and wait for it to dry or cure.


Step 8

Remove your nail guide, and apply a top coat of polish. Allow this coat to dry for several minutes (or cure it under the light for 45 seconds). Voila, you’ve just completed your very own French mani!

8 Step do-it-yourself French manicure: Final look

8 Step do-it-yourself French manicure: Quick tip

This procedure is best performed on a lazy morning or evening when no other pressing errands or tasks will get in the way. After painting your nails, avoid doing things with your hands while they dry.

The easy way

Bonus: If you are feeling especially creative and ambitious, kick off your shoes and make your tootsie tips match your fingertips.

For an easier painting technique, check the beauty section of a drug store or superstore for a French manicure kit. The set should contain, at the very least, nail polish in white and pink or beige and a clear topcoat. Some manicure sets — like the Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit and the Orly French Manicure Kit — contain tiny, sticky nail guides. These make the manicure process 10 times easier by allowing you to place the guides on each nail individually (like we did!), only leaving a small margin where the polish can spill outside the tip without tainting the rest of your nail. Trust us, it's worth the small price to buy.

Try out colors

Let your crazy side shine through by concocting a wildly modified French manicure — red and white for Valentine's Day, pastel shades for Easter or neon bright tips for summer. You can always add glitter for super sparkle anytime!

Have fun and remember, even if you do find the do-it-yourself French manicure difficult at first, practice makes perfect, and pretty soon you'll be well on your way to creating beautiful and perfect manicures all the time. We promise, it does get easier.

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Comments on "8 Step do-it-yourself French manicure"

Lizzie January 22, 2014 | 5:27 PM

I use the Sally Hansen kit plus a base coat on both fingernails and toenails and the result looks really good. On my toenails it lasts from one trimming to the next (about 5 weeks!) but on my fingernails the white tips start to chip after about 3 days even though I use three top coats. Why I wonder?

NABANITA MANDAL December 27, 2013 | 10:41 AM

did it.... loooking good bt did not get da complete finishing...:(

pooja dash December 23, 2013 | 12:19 AM

its a easy and mindblowing.thanx

Maggie August 09, 2013 | 6:11 AM

If you soak your nails in water, the manicure won't last as long. You should keep your nails dry for two hours before you apply gels.

LULU July 07, 2013 | 7:32 AM

Nobody decent soaks your nails in water these days.

Alexis June 15, 2013 | 6:40 AM

Doesnt look that good.

malak June 05, 2013 | 11:01 PM

its not that good looking!!! there is other good ways to do it find them on youtube:)

Josette Brincau May 25, 2013 | 9:33 AM

I will be wearing an long blue dress for my sons wedding on the 8th June and I tried French manicure as I was told it goes with most colours of dress. But I'm not really liking it so please anybody Can you suggest any other colour which goes with blue dress Thanks

Sharnie Koster May 07, 2013 | 3:06 PM

Wow thats amazing i was doing the with sticky tape and they looked terrible! Thankyou for that tip. :)

LunaVix April 29, 2013 | 12:41 PM

@Lolly - It is most definitely possible to do it free hand, as long as you keep it steady! Last week I ran out of guides & was in a hurry...and my tips came out looking just fine!!! :)

Lolly February 03, 2013 | 2:26 PM

Actually thats not how to do it! Step1: File nails into an oval shape and push back your cuticles Step2: Apply a base Coat, let dry Step3: Use nail guides like she did or use scotch tape and use nail clippers to form it into a curved shep, (NEVER do it by hand, this will not look very good at all!) Step4: Apply the White nail polish with a fine tipped brush, up and down not side to side Step5: Apply a pink tinted top coat and clean up any residue around outside of the nails if needed, there ya go!

Julie August 24, 2012 | 3:50 PM

Not a good idea to soak hands first and then file/shape nails, they will have a tendency to tear. Instead, shape nails first, then soak and treat cuticles.

justice June 05, 2012 | 10:41 AM

this is kinda good i guess imfao :)

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