Kate Bosworth's loose curls and gold eyeshadow
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Use these tutorials to copy Kate Bosworth's dramatic smoky eye and complement it with loose curls for a bold party hair and makeup look.


The makeup tutorial


  • Gold eyeshadow and/or gold glitter
  • Deep black eyeshadow
  • Black eyeliner
  • Black mascara
  • False eyelashes
  • Liquid face highlighter
  • Soft raspberry blush
  • Soft raspberry lipstick or gloss



Begin by powdering the eyelids with loose powder or eyeshadow primer to help prevent natural eye oils from creasing the makeup.

Then, apply foundation and concealer as usual. Cover half of the eyelid with bright gold eyeshadow. Add gold sparkle or glitter for more pizzazz!

Kate Bosworth makeup tutorial


With a small eyeshadow brush, draw a line outward that's about the length of an almond. Make this an almond-shaped oval.

Kate Bosworth makeup tutorial


Fill in this almond-shaped oval with deep black eyeshadow. Stop this eyeshadow once it meets the gold eyeshadow on the lid. Line the bottom of the eye with deep black eyeshadow.

Kate Bosworth makeup tutorial

Kate Bosworth makeup tutorial


Using black eyeliner, line the bottom and top inner rim of each eye.

Kate Bosworth makeup tutorial


Apply false eyelashes. I usually prefer individual flare lashes, but you can use a full strip if you're more comfortable with that. Allow lashes to dry at least 5 minutes.

Kate Bosworth makeup tutorial


Press a liquid face highlighter on cheeks. Swirl a soft raspberry blush on the apples of the cheeks. You can use powder or a cream blush.

Kate Bosworth makeup tutorial

Kate Bosworth makeup tutorial


Apply a thick coat of mascara to eyelashes. It's completely OK to apply mascara to both your natural lashes and the false ones. This will give the lashes added drama that's perfect for this look.

Kate Bosworth makeup tutorial


Fill in eyebrows and press on a soft raspberry pink lipstick or gloss.

Kate Bosworth makeup tutorial

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