Miranda Kerr's perfect party hair makeup with a dark twist
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Side swept hair and vampy lips

Since vampy-colored lips had a major moment in 2013, here are two tutorials to recreate Miranda Kerr's perfect party hair makeup with a dark twist.


The makeup tutorial



Start by powdering the eye with loose powder or set with an eyeshadow primer to prevent natural eye oils from creasing the eye makeup. Choose a soft, neutral brown eyeshadow color and apply over the entire lid.

Miranda Kerr makeup tutorial


Apply a medium neutral brown eyeshadow color on the outer corner of each eye. Blend into the lash line and the outer crease of lid.

Miranda Kerr makeup tutorial


Take black eyeliner and apply a thin line of eyeliner all the way across the upper lash line. Using the same eyeliner, apply it into the inner rim of the upper lash line. It helps to lift the lid up to get into this area.

Miranda Kerr makeup tutorial


Curl eyelashes.

Miranda Kerr makeup tutorial


Using eyelash glue and a pair of tweezers, apply fake eyelashes to the outer corners of the eye. I like to use individual flare lashes or a 1/2 strip of lashes for this look. Eyelash glue normally takes around 5 minutes to dry — while you're waiting, continue to the following steps.

Miranda Kerr makeup tutorial


Dust a powder highlighter into the inner corners of each eye. Apply foundation and concealer as usual. Next, press a liquid highlighter to the tops of your cheeks and down the nose. This will give you that Hollywood glow.

Miranda Kerr makeup tutorial


Using a sponge, press a cream blush into the apples of the cheeks. Try a bright rose shade for this look.

Miranda Kerr makeup tutorial


Now that your lashes have had time to dry, apply 1 coat of jet black mascara.

Miranda Kerr makeup tutorial


Fill in brows. I like to use eyebrow powder to create the shape of the brow and go back in with an eyebrow pencil to polish up the design.

Miranda Kerr makeup tutorial


Finish off the makeup with a deep crimson red lipstick. HINT: Crimson is a combination of a bright wine tone and a deep red.

Miranda Kerr hair and makeup tutorial

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