Rita Ora at the 2013 Brit Awards
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At the 2013 Brit Awards, Rita Ora reminded us how powerful a classic red lip and smoky eye can be and her wispy hairstyle was every bit sexy. Use these tutorials to recreate her memorable hair and makeup.


The makeup tutorial


  • Dark blue/gray eyeshadow
  • Turquoise eyeliner
  • Eyelash curler
  • False eyelashes/lash glue
  • Black mascara
  • Eyebrow shadow
  • Blush
  • Red lipstick



To prevent oils from creasing the makeup. Start by powdering the entire eyelid with loose powder or eyeshadow primer. Apply foundation and concealer as usual. Cover the entire eyelid with a dark blue eyeshadow.

Rita Ora makeup tutorial


Line the upper lash line with turquoise or bright navy eyeliner. Curl eyelashes.

Rita Ora makeup tutorial


Apply a full strip of thick, fluttery false eyelashes. Using tweezers can help apply the lashes with precision. Here's how: Dip the lash strip into eyelash glue, blow on the lashes for 7 to 10 seconds giving the glue time to get tacky. Then, apply lashes starting from the inside of the eye, gently pressing as you move along to the end of the eye. Adjust as needed to make sure lashes are in place. Let dry at least 2 to 3 minutes before moving on.

Rita Ora makeup tutorial


Lather on two thick coats of mascara. Carefully separate lashes, keeping the ends of the lashes looking wispy.

Rita Ora makeup tutorial


Next, apply a peachy pink blush with a big blush brush.

Rita Ora makeup tutorial


Using a fairly dark eyebrow powder, fill in eyebrows so they look thick and full. Be sure to arch the brow to add drama. If you don't have dark eyebrow powder, use a cool-toned dark brown eyeshadow. It'll make a great substitute.

Rita Ora makeup tutorial


Swipe on a cherry red lipstick to finish the makeup look.

Rita Ora makeup tutorial

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