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Get that glow!

We're showing you how to get the perfect rosy-cheek look!

It's not as hard as you think to get that rosy-cheek look! Follow our easy steps to achieve a perfect glow in minutes.

What you'll need:

  • Light shimmer blush
  • A big fluffy powder brush
  • A bright rose blush




First apply your foundation and set with powder, as usual.

Rosey cheek glow makeup tutorial | - Step 1



Take your light shimmery blush and apply in a large oval shape, starting one inch from your nose and moving back away toward your ear.

Rosey cheek glow makeup tutorial | - Step 2



Next, smile! Where your cheek pops out the most is the "apple" of your cheek. This is where your blush should sit.

Rosey cheek glow makeup tutorial | - Step 3



Apply your bright rose blush color in small circular motions just on the "apple" of your cheek. Dip in for a second coat of bright blush if needed. It's best to apply with a light hand; you can always add more if needed!

Rosey cheek glow makeup tutorial | - Step 4

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