Take Beauty Into
Your Own Hands

We'll provide the recipes, and you set aside the time! Instead of buying your beauty products (although we love those too) whip these up in your own kitchen with ingredients you likely already have sitting around. You can even make them in bulk and package them as gifts!


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Comments on "20 DIY beauty recipes for at-home pampering"

Patricia December 13, 2013 | 8:34 AM

Glad you liked these ideas, Shannon! As far as glass containers, have you tried the local craft stores? I've found some at those types of stores in the past. Love adding the customized labels to these items - Enjoy!

Shannon December 06, 2013 | 5:26 AM

Finally, an article about making your own beauty products with real recipes that will actually help your skin, hair, etc,... Every other article that I have seen was either harmful or just something that smelled good without any real benefits. These are so easy to make and turn out wonderful at a fraction of the cost. I love them!!!!! Does anyone know where you can get quality, preferably glass containers to put sprays, lotions in? Mason jars work great for a lot of the recipes and looks adorable, but the spray items I am having problems with. I also printed off some adorable, customized labels for free on the internet which added to the presentation factor. Very fun! Thank you so much!

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