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How does Dove's Clear Tone Sheer Touch Deodorant measure up in our test? Find out!


Dove Clear Tone Sheer Touch Deodorant Name this product:

Dove Clear Tone Sheer Touch Deodorant (drugstore.com, $5)

What the product claims to do:

This deodorant moisturizes and helps renew skin with dark marks. It also provides 48-hour odor and wetness protection.

How it worked for me:

In the amount of time I tested this product (about three weeks), it's too hard to quantify whether it drastically reduced underarm marks (although I did notice a more even skin tone), but I will say that this deodorant provided me with great sweat control!

How this product looks and feels:

I really liked the texture of this deodorant. It wasn't sticky like some formulas, nor was it heavy. It was just the right feel. Very easy to spread on!

What I liked about this product:

This deodorant gave excellent sweat and odor coverage throughout the day and workouts.

I would recommend this product for: 

Women who like deodorants with nice lasting scents. Also for women who want to reduce underarm marks while also masking odor and preventing sweat.

If relevant, how I felt about the scent of this product:

The scent is nice, fresh and pleasant.

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Casey@dermology skincare December 16, 2013 | 2:43 AM

While choosing product for skin the first thing that should keep in mind is that to buy good and cost effective product, because If you buy good then you'll look good.

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