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Moisturize on the go

When you're in a hurry, the last thing you want to do is fuss with simple skin care. Luckily, there are products ready-made for making your morning routine easy and carefree. It's all about being slick.


Makeup removal

Vaseline makes for a great makeup remover. If you have eye makeup left over from the night before, Vaseline melts away crumbly mascara and sticky eyeliner — leaving nothing but clean, fresh eyes. You can use it on the rest of your face as a makeup remover, too. Add a very thin layer of Vaseline to your skin overnight for a hyper-moisturizing mask.


Easy lotion application

When your body needs moisture but you don't have to time to rub and let your lotion dry, Vaseline Spray & Go lotion eliminates the in-between drying time. You'll be out the door with at least five minutes of extra time in the morning.


Streak prevention

No more streaky suntan tiger for you! You've earned your stripes, and they don't belong on your skin. If you're looking to get your summer glow and gradual tanning lotion is your favorite method, prevent streaks by rubbing Vaseline on tricky areas like knees, ankles, backs of knees and more to stave off the streaky mess.


Under-eye moisturizer

If you're prone to having makeup sink into your fine lines, the tiniest bit of Vaseline dabbed under eyes can help moisturize and prevent concealer, powder and foundation from sinking into small wrinkles. Careful not to use too much, though! Your makeup might not stay around the whole day.


Eyelash volume

Who needs mascara when you have petroleum jelly? If you consider yourself the natural-beauty type, Vaseline can be dabbed to the tips of eyelashes to lengthen and thicken the look of eyelashes without actually wearing makeup. If you just don't have time for a full makeup routine, stick a small pot of Vaseline in your purse for eyelash emergencies. Plus, it will make brittle lashes moisturized again!

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