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Sara Lingafelter, a social media and content strategist based in Seattle, almost chickened out of chopping off her locks, but stuck with it only because she planned on donating her shorn tresses. She's glad she did. With her hair now 10 inches shorter, Lingafelter feels "like a million bucks" and encourages other women to take the plunge. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before chopping off your locks.



Are you more of a wash 'n' wear girl?

Depending on the texture and density of your hair, a short haircut may be easier or harder to manage. Hair that is thin and fine will be really easy to style while thicker hair that is wavy or curly will require a little more effort to style, according to hair stylist Tera Rae Stephens. In general, shorter hair means less hair to style, so typically shorter hair requires less time to style. It will, however, require more upkeep — more trips to the salon for trims.


Do you want to look younger?

Short hair accentuates the neck and jawline, so on most people it will create a more youthful appearance, according to Stephens. However, super short can be aging — especially if signs of aging have started showing on your neck. In that case, you should choose a short, structured bob for a little more coverage.


What features do you want to highlight?

A short layered cut can accentuate your best features and draw attention away from your less perfect ones. For example, closely cropped hair calls attention to your ears and nose, while slightly longer hair will accent your cheekbones. Determine which aspects of your face you like best and ask your stylist for a cut that will highlight these features.


Do you want a killer look?

Super short hair gives you an edgy, killer look. However, you need to be emotionally ready for short hair in order to wear the cut with confidence. In other words, don't run out to your stylist on a whim. Do your research first. Browse photos of celebs and pick your favorite style. Then, bring those pictures to your stylist for inspiration.

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