Marc Jacobs NYFW 2013 -- model with bushy brows
Marc Jacobs, New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013

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Bold brows (think Brooke Shields circa the '80s) are one of beauty's biggest trends. Celebrities like Lucy Hale and Camilla Belle have been known to rock full eyebrows, and the trend continues to make an appearance on the runway — from Marc Jacobs in New York to Eudon Choi in London.

"Eyebrows are the frame of the face, and when full, they can give a fresh, youthful appearance," says Angél Hakim, editor of The bold eyebrow trend can be attributed to the overall beauty movement toward minimalism. Just like ditching foundation for BB cream and forgoing mascara, full eyebrows are more natural.

Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills is the eyebrow guru (she's also Megan Fox, Hayden Panettiere and Oprah's — among many A-listers — very own favorite). "My goal is to make the eyebrows beautifully symmetrical," she says, "because even when features are asymmetrical — as they most often are — well-shaped full brows will bring a kind of harmony to the face." Eyebrows that are too bushy, too thin, not long enough or unruly can call so much attention to themselves that other, prettier features go unnoticed.

A full eyebrow can work for anyone. The most important things to keep in mind are face shape and proportion. Also keep in mind the arch. Although full eyebrows are beautiful, a completely arch-less eyebrow can come off a bit too heavy and masculine. A simple trick is to slightly arch them above the outer edge of your iris. Not blessed with naturally bushy brows? Look into Make Up Forever's Aqua Brow, which can help define and fill them in.

There's no denying bushy brows have made a major statement down the runway this year. But first, "Stop plucking! Whatever you do, just put down the tweezers and let them grow. This will allow your brows to return to their natural shape!" says Reema Khan, CEO of s.h.a.p.e.s. Brow Bar.


Lift and separate

Wait, that's for bras. But it sort of works here too. Before touching brows with any products, it is important to comb through hair to groom and separate. (, $11)


Shade lightly

Find a brow pencil one shade lighter than natural brow hairs, adding to the look rather than overpowering the natural shape. Start from the inner brow and work your way out, filling in as heavy as desired to accomplish the "bold brow" look. (, $11)


And, then again

Use the multitask brush to once again comb through brow hairs. This lets the brush naturally blend pencil marks against skin and spread evenly between hairs. Combing through and blending properly will help accomplish those bold brows but avoid the painted-on, overboard look.


Set the look

For your final step, keep brows perfectly in place for hours with a natural wax pencil. The invisible hold of Sumita Beauty's Brow Set is no match for unruly brows and will not flake. (, $11)

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