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With every season, comes a new fashion trend. Out with the old and in with the new. This spring, fashion experts promise a slew of "gaudy" jewelry options for the everyday outfit. Here are some of my favorites to look out for.

Diamond aura earrings

Large, dangling and colorful baubles complemented the many strapless dresses that seemed to take over the red carpet at the Golden Globes. Projected to continue as a spring trend, Stauer jewelry is one step ahead with its collection of statement earrings. Our top picks include the DiamondAura Passport, Gold Vermeil Alanza Turquoise and Quartz and Spectra Scienza Ruby & DiamondAura Earrings.

Tobacco leather collar

Diane Kroe, designer and stylist, shares her prediction for gaudy jewelry trends... straight from Italy. Designed in Bologna, ribbon necklaces are going to make their way into this country soon. After all, we know Italy is not only the trendsetter but the trend hunter as well. Available online by the designer herself, this Giulia Boccafogli "Tobacco" Leather Necklace Collar is made entirely by hand in Italy.

skinny me bracelets

For a fun way to mix it up, how about jewelry that helps you tone your arms while wearing it? Yes, please! SkinnyMe bangles are the first of their kind. Weighing half a pound each, these bangles are hand-painted, stylish accessories that are fashionable and functional. SkinnyMe bangles are currently available in black and pink.

Nautilus bracelet

Purple Aura Jewels also has a great selection of gaudy, from bracelets to necklaces. Their newest collection just hit the showroom and consumers can't get enough! Favorites include the Golden Odyssey necklace and the Enchanted earrings.

Designer Billie Hilliard agrees that statement jewelry is definitely the emphasis this season. "Women, men and the younger bunch are wearing gaudy jewelry, and lots of it, to transform a simple outfit into a full-out ensemble," she said. "This spring, we will see more layering, brilliant colors and a bounty of mixed media pieces. Necklaces will be draped in more condensed layers, head pieces will be more exaggerated and rings and bracelets more pretentious." Welcome to the days of dinner parties and nightcaps of brandy, guys.

What are YOUR predictions?

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