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Just about every makeup brand is jumping on this new trend for product formulation. Unlike the BB cream craze, which is often just repackaged tinted moisturizer, there really is something different about this Betty Crocker approach called baked makeup. There is definitely a difference in the results.

Where's the fire?

We're all used to seeing pressed powders in compacts. It's functional, and it gets the job done. But, when you look at baked makeup, it's often luminous and has shimmery veins throughout. It's velvety to the touch.

That's because it's not a milled powder that's been pressed. It's actually a liquid that's been baked into solid form. You typically get less talc and more pigment. As a bonus, it has a chameleon-like quality, becoming creamy and more opaque with a spritz of water and changing right back when it dries. That means you can build up from sheer coverage and blend it easily.

Baking is being used in blushes, eyeshadows, foundations and other makeup products. You can find standouts in many great lines from the drug store up to the department store counter. Here are a few of our favorites.

Balance N Brighten Baked Foundation

Balance and brighten

This Laura Geller Balance N Brighten Baked Foundation has staked its claim on baked makeup. This foundation is her signature product. She starts with a base pigment and adds in corrective pigments, and each color retains its individual qualities through the baking process. It's a forgiving formula with healthy ingredients that intuitively balance out redness and brighten sallowness. Try her other baked products like Tropic Hues Baked Blush N Brighten.

Mineralize SkinFinish Natural

Mineralize SkinFinish Naturals

This MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural is marketed as a finishing powder after foundation, but it provides a light, dewy coverage that lets you skip the foundation. You can also spritz your kabuki brush with water to get more coverage. It combines the healthiness of mineral makeup with the qualities of baked, and has an even higher concentration of pure minerals than the bareMinerals line. The Mineralize highlighters like Soft and Gentle or Gold Deposit have a high frost metallic finish that will make your skin luminous.

Milani baked eyeshadows

Baked eyeshadow

For a more affordable option, the Milani baked eyeshadows offer rich pigmentation in a range of fun colors. Rich Java is a great, universal shade of rich brown that's perfect for a smoky eye. You can also try the Milani Baked Blushes.

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