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Scents and flavors are linked directly to memory. Just as walking through your childhood home might conjure up happy memories, smelling a product you once used religiously can remind you of youth and the little things you associate with it. Here are some classic lip balm flavors you might remember. Plus, they're still around if you want to grab a tube today!


Who could forget the taste of cherry lip balm? Katy Perry wrote a song about it and its nostalgic qualities. It's almost directly associated with childhood! From first kisses to biting your lip during a stressful test in school, it's tough to erase those delightful memories. Plus, this particular flavor usually comes with a pretty hint of pink for smooth, healthy-looking lips that taste great.

Vanilla mintVanilla mint

There's something about the smell of vanilla mint lip balm that's instantly soothing, and it's partly because of the memories you associate with it. Peppermint is proven to help concentration and focus, so it can be practical in your adult life too. Smooth some on before a stressful meeting for an instant hit of nostalgia and relaxation.

Soda bottles


Back in the day, there was no lip balm flavor more sought after than those that tasted like various soda brands. You might not have been able to have soda in school, but dotting on a hit of red-tinted soda lip balm held over your craving until you could get home, get to the refrigerator and dig into sugary, bubbly goodness.

chocolate ice cream


What's better than eating a cupcake? Being able to taste a cupcake at all times! And what better way to do that than by keeping that yummy cupcake flavor on your lips? Dessert flavored lip balms were a hit when you were a kid. They're still available as an adult too! Companies like ChapStick® offer flavors like candy cane, apple cider, gingerbread, chocolate rush and more. Plus, smelling something sweet can help stave off those pesky afternoon cravings.

Green apple

Green apple

Green apple candies are always the first to go out of the pile. From candy-coated apples to apple dipping slices, the crisp, refreshing scent and taste of apple is something distinctly nostalgic. It's reminiscent of fall, school days, the classroom and lunchtime. Green apple is prominent in body lotions, perfumes and body sprays, but we prefer the classic — lip balm!

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