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Every woman has that one signature scent she absolutely can't live without, so why would lip balm flavors be any different? We polled seven real girls to find out their favorites. Turns out, mint and vanilla are insanely popular!

Vanilla frosting

"I still love vanilla frosting-flavored lip balm to this day because back in 5th grade, all of the girls in my class (including myself) had it. We would smear some on slips of paper and pass it around to the boys, who also loved it. It kind of bonded our whole class together, which was weird, but a fun memory!" — Jessee E.


"My go-to lip balm flavor is for sure mint. Not only does it give me an immediate pick-me-up, but I also like how it tingles my lips and freshens up my breath." — Jenna W.

"A must-have flavor of mine is definitely mint. When I put it on, I feel like I'm actually killing two birds with one stone — it's a breath mint and a lip balm. Plus, it helps save some room in my clutch too!" — Abby V.

Vanilla & caramel

"I'm obsessed with anything vanilla and caramel! I know this sounds goofy, but since my signature scent has vanilla and other warm notes, vanilla and caramel-flavored lip balms allow me to coordinate my lip product with my perfume and personality — I'm a total girlie girl who just doesn't get sports!" — Elise H.

Dr. Pepper

"To quote Old School, 'It feels so good when it hits my lips!' But really, I love this flavor because it reminds me so much of 6th grade. It tastes awesome too. I mean, c'mon, who doesn't like Dr. Pepper!?" — Kaitlin S.

Vanilla honey

"My favorite lip balm flavor is by far vanilla honey! I think it smells sweet without being too overwhelming, and mine doesn't add a ton of unwanted color to my mouth. It's quite a classy lip balm scent if you ask me." — Casey T.


"I'm a big fan of strawberry. It's my favorite flavor in candy, so whenever I need a sweet tooth fix, I just put some strawberry lip balm on my lips and am good to go. No calories, and it tastes great — you can't really beat that." — Amanda T.

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