Clothes For A Pear-Shaped Body

Curvy girls rejoice -- we've got the ultimate guide to dressing your pear-shaped body right here. Find the best pants, skirts and dresses for pear-shaped bodies as well as a few expert hints for always looking your best!

secrets of dressing pear-shaped bodies

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What is a pear-shaped body?

The pear body shape is the most common female body shape. Grab a mirror and take a look: If your hips and backside are wider than your shoulders, you're the lucky owner of a pear-shaped body. Pear-shaped bodies typically have a smaller bustline as well. Depending on your overall proportions, bustier pears may actually be an hourglass body style.

Which celebrities have a pear-shaped body?

Celebrities with pear shaped bodies

Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton and Rihanna all have pear-shaped bodies. Yep, these gals tend to be both hippy and hip!

Stylists' secrets: Dressing a pear-shaped body

Style challenges include finding clothing items that fit both your waist (tiny) and your hips (a bit wider). Dresses can be a challenge because slim-cut fashion may not flare enough to accommodate the bottom half of your pear-shaped body, while remaining tailored to the top half of your body.

Speaking of tailored, find a good tailor and keep him or her on speed dial. Fashions that don't fit quite right can quickly be remedied with a dart here and a tuck there.

Kim Kardashian has a pear shaped bodyHow to dress a pear-shaped body

1Focus attention upward. Pear-shaped women should focus attention on the upper half of their pear-shaped body by choosing slim, fitted tops, button-down shirts and cardigans.

2Embellish around the neck. Shirts and dresses with embellished necklines naturally draw the eye upward toward the slimmest part of a pear-shaped body.

3Layer it up. Layering garments can balance a pear-shaped body by adding visual interest to the top half of the body.

4Go for an A. A-line dresses and tops emphasize the upper body while slimming wider hips characteristic of a pear-shaped body.

5Wide is good. Keep the hems of pants, skirts and dresses wide to visually balance a pear-shaped body. Pointy-toed shoes with a wide-hemmed pants will elongate your legs.

6Get a little structure. Structured pants are a great fit, especially those that skim the hips and thighs of a pear-shaped body. Avoid flashy embellishments like cargo pants, funky pockets or embroidery.

The best styles for pear-shaped bodies

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Comments on "How to dress a pear-shaped body"

Jess March 26, 2014 | 7:35 AM

I think A-line dresses look great on pear shaped women because they accentuate the natural curve of the hips/thighs, and pull in at the waist. The a-line definitely doesnt down play hips, but why would you want to??? Hips are natures sign that you are built to last! LOL!! If you're shorter, a-lines that are too long (less than 4" above the knee) will always look frumpy. consider getting otherwise perfect dresses shortened!! go hips!!

Sue March 24, 2014 | 8:04 PM

I am pear shaped 5`1 and I like to wear jackets that come to the hips, it makes my top half look larger and bottom half look smaller, also a short cardigan helps and I would definately never wear A-line dress or skirt, I feel it makes me look much larger than I actually am. A straight skirt and straight dress with a cardigan or jacket over the top helps. Sue

Alice March 14, 2014 | 4:09 AM

A line dresses don't always go with pear shaped women. Speaking from experience I'm pear shaped and 5'4 in height, I often try on new clothes and find that a line dresses tend to emphasis the shap of my hips and thighs shape more than my upper half and it often leaves me feeling self conscious. I'm of average build for a woman and I'm ok with it but I tend to not wear clothes I'm not comfortable with

Johan December 09, 2013 | 7:32 AM

My girlfriend is a pear shape, but she is not a freakin moviestar. These examples are stupid, no one looks like these birds, and if they do, they have no problems finding the proper garments. Gesus!

frances gallo October 20, 2013 | 6:12 PM

do these rules apply to pear shape that are short e.g. 5'2 I am pear shape and 5'2 any help will be greatly appreciated frances

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