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glo minerals Water Resistant Mascara

glo minerals is a brand that uses pharmaceutical-grade ingredients in their products. Being a huge fan of their bronzer, I put their waterproof mascara to the test.


Name this product:

glo minerals Water Resistant Mascara ($20)

How this product looks and feels:

The black packaging is sleek. Whether or not this is a good thing, I'm not sure, but the mascara tube itself feels very light.

What I liked about this product:

This lasted all day without any clumping or flaking.

What I would change about this product:

The brush! I thought it was very poorly designed and didn't facilitate full and thick lashes through the brushstrokes.

Describe the application process, how often you used the product and for how long:

I used this product every day for a week. The application process was 'normal' but didn't feel very 'smooth' for applying. The end result, however, is pretty great. It gave me very long lashes.

Describe what you liked or didn't like about the application process:

For me personally, the brush didn't bring me the fullness I was looking for. It was great for length, however. The application, minus the 'smooth' factor, was simple.

I would recommend this product for:

Women who have full eyelashes but are looking for length.

One compliment/comment I received while wearing this product was:

People told me my eyelashes seemed longer.

Additional comments:

I'm a fan of glo minerals as a brand.

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