Sexy And Comfy Lingerie

Some types of lingerie are just too revealing for the average woman. When shopping for lingerie, look for pieces that are sexy but still provide enough coverage that you are comfortable. These terrific lingerie styles look great on everyone and still leave a little to the imagination.

Baby doll

A baby doll set is two pieces. The top is a billowy bodice that is loose fitting below the bust line. The length is short, ending at your behind. The bottoms are matching panties. Baby dolls come in many fabrics, including lace, silk, even cotton.

Boy shorts


Boyshorts have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are very short shorts - like hot pants. They hug your figure and cover up most of your butt. They are extremely comfortable and come in every fabric. Cotton boyshorts are great for lounging around, while the lace version may heat up your bedroom.


A camisole is a normally silk, satin or lace tank top with thin spaghetti straps. You can usually buy matching panties to go with them. Camisoles are oftentimes worn as undershirts but some of them are appropriate for outerwear, if they aren't too revealing.


A chemise is an A-line style gown that falls to upper or mid-thigh. It's flattering for most body types, as it covers your stomach and rear completely. A chemise has spaghetti straps and looks great on most everyone. Fabric styles vary from silk to lace.

Lingerie tips

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