Articles by Mary Fetzer:

  1. Modern-day teen addictions

    You’ve warned your kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, but are you prepared to keep them safe from a whole new range of...
  2. Beyond the garden

    They may not be growing in your garden or found in the local produce aisle, but these uncommon fruits and veggies are well worth...
  3. Picking fresh fruits

    We pinch, punch and pluck fruits to determine whether they're ripe, but there are more accurate ways to tell when your favorite...
  4. Loving your greens

    Don't let your salad fixings go to waste. Try these practical tips and handy products to keep your greens fresh!
  5. Cool pool toys

    Forget that old beach ball — it’s time to break out the latest in swimming pool toys.
  6. From glowing to glam

    You don't have to start all over to get glamorous evening skin, especially if you take good care of your skin throughout the rest of...
  7. Summer skin savers

    Sun, sand and sweat can wreak havoc on your tender skin. These must-have skin products will help you take care so you can dare to be...
  8. Beach body beauty

    You've finally found a rockin' swimsuit for the beach. Get your beautiful body ready for it with these fab skin care finds.
  9. Baby names by origin

    Jacob remains the top baby boy name in America. Find out what else is popular in the U.S. and around the world.