Articles by Linda Schneider:

Wild Greens and Sardines focuses on clean, simple, seasonal flavors that highlight nature at its best. My cooking is largely based upon what I find at farmers’ markets and is inspired by travels near and far. I love going to the market and seeing what’s in season, and subsequently creating dishes from whatever the market has to offer. I am by no means a vegetarian (love a slow-braised lamb shank, a whole roasted duck, and just about anything that comes out of the water), though I cannot imagine a meal without vegetables and am always trying to find new and interesting ways to prepare them.
  1. Homemade gravlax

    Gravlax, or salt and sugar-cured salmon, is an impressive appetizer for any dinner party. It takes a little time to cure, but your...
  2. Chilled pea soup

    Just because it's summer doesn’t mean you can't have soup! This chilled pea soup is perfect for warm days.
  3. Braised leeks

    Although leeks are not usually served as a stand-alone dish, braising brings out wonderful rich flavor and makes this simple...