Articles by Katy Wheeler:

Katy Wheeler is British, lives in Hampshire, England and has been low carbing since April 2001. Katy has always loved to cook and bake, and spent two years living in Maryland, where she gained an interest in the huge range of American food and recipes. She enjoys the challenge of "tweaking" regular recipes to make low-carb versions. She has published monthly recipes in Carbhealth Magazine and has supplied a local low-carb shop with baked goods. She is also a moderator for the Yahoo support Group, Low Carb in the UK and its "sister" group, Concise Low Carb in the UK - low-carb_in_the_uk.
  1. Wicked Witch Cake

    I first made this themed cake (pictured) for my daughter's Halloween party a few years ago. The cake in the photograph was a...