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If she wants to know it, we want to cover it! Originality, creativity and interactive twists on more usual topics are encouraged. We really love a good “how-to, can-do” angle, and have ideas below for formatting and structure. [Visit]

What do the SheKnows Editors like?
Here are some of our recent favorites, so you can get a sense of content and tone: 

At the moment, we are only interested original content on the following topics:
(Please note that we will not publish anything that appears elsewhere on the web.)

* Entertainment & Celebs
* Food, Cooking & Recipes
* beauty & Style
* Home DIY & Decor
* Budgeting, Savings & Career
* Love, Sex, Dating & Coupletime
* Crafts & Activities

A few ideas for article structure include:

  • step-by-step guides
  • bulleted or numbered lists
  • checklists
  • top 10 lists

What are the SheKnows Editors looking for?
When it comes to new articles for our sites, we are generally looking for information from experts in a variety of fields as well as features custom-written by journalists and others with appropriate writing skills and style.

We like articles that are based on research and interviews, presented with a friendly, accessible approach, and — of course — written specifially for our audience. We are particularly interested in articles formatted with easy-to-read bullet-pointed tips, five or more numbered items or “action lists” to summarize/augment the piece.

Our features run anywhere from 450-600 words, depending on the subject and on a case-by-case basis, and may be paginated.

We are not seeking any fiction pieces at this time.

The best guides for writers are the sites themselves — not just for style and tone, but also because we have covered a lot of topics over the years (and currently have more than 9,000 articles online). So please check them out, and let us know what you think we don’t yet have but should!

We do work with some previously unpublished writers.

How to submit:
Please submit your article in the following format.

Meta Keywords (if unknown, please leave blank):
50-word summary of article:
Body Copy:

You may submit a 50 to 75-word writer's credit to accompany your article.
Any accompanying article images should be submitted as .jpg files. Please include captions, if necessary.

And remember…
If your article is product related, please be respectful of the fact that this opportunity is for an article and not an advertorial. We will not run anything written specifically about one particular product, company or service.

Select NEW WRITER on the contact menu to submit your article.

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